TCMJ Updates: Structure and Promotion Boards

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SUBJECT: Structure and Promotion Boards

The following additions to the TCMJ are effective immidately:

Article 23 Task Organization / Structure

  1. The unit structure of the Azerothian Detachment of Tauren Marines is not the same structure as the Tauren Marine detachments stationed in the Outer Rim. Operational realities and needs require a slightly modified structure. What follows is the ideal structure of the Corps, allowing for variations based on unit manning.
  2. A Fire Team is composed of 2x Marines. The leader of this team is the Fire Team Leader and is appointed by the Squad Leader.
  3. A Squad is made up of 2x Fire Teams and a Squad Leader for a total of 5x Marines. The Squad Leader is a SGT and appointed by the Command Team.
  4. A Platoon is made up of 3x Squads and a Platoon Leader for a total of 16 Marines. The Platoon Leader is an LT and is appointed by the Command Team.
  5. A Company is made up of 2-4 Platoons, a Master Gunnery Sergeant, and a Company Commander for a total of 34-66x Marines. See Article 12 for Master Gunnery Sergeant and Company Commander requirements.


Article 24 Promotion Boards

  1. The purpose of a Promotion Board is to ensure that a promotee possesses the military bearing and knowledge associated with the sought-after rank. Anyone seeking the rank of Marine First Class or above must pass a Promotion Board to secure promotion.
  2. The “Board” is made up of the Command Team and any others that the Command Team invites.
  3. The promotee will appear before the board at the appointed time and place in Duty Uniform for review. The Command Team will then conduct the review.
  4. In order to assess military bearing, the Command Team will conduct a uniform inspection of the promotee. Uniforms to be inspected will be the PT uniform and the Duty Uniform.
  5. In order to assess knowledge, the Command Team will:
    1. Drill the promotee on basic customs and courtesies of the Corps, including but not limited to drill and ceremony, and physical fitness commands
    2. Question the promotee on the History of the Corps
    3. Question the promotee on general knowledge questions pertaining to the sought-after rank, i.e., TCMJ Articles, gearing issues, and known weaknesses of enemy combatants ((aka boss fights))
  6. Once the review is completed, the promotee will leave the intimidate area while the Command Team makes its deliberations. A unanimous decision by the Command Team is required to pass a promotee. Once a decision has been reached, the promotee will be invited back before the board and informed of their success or failure. The Command Team will address the reasons for failure, if applicable.
  7. Upon passing the Promotion Board, the promotee will receive promotable (P) status.


Täl Skywalker
Tauren Marines


"The Light can heal, and the Light can burn!"

“The Light can heal, and the Light can burn!”   

SUBJECT: Promotion Orders
TO: Tauren Marine Corps

To all those who shall see these presents, greetings. The High Chieftain has reposed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and abilities of:

Recruit Kairou Sunderhoof

In view of these qualities and their demonstrated potential for increased responsibility, they are promoted to the rank of TAUREN MARINE, effective immediately.

These appointees will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the grade to which appointed, by doing and performing all manner of things thereunto pertaining.

Tal Skywalker
Tauren Marines

TCMJ UPDATES: Article 12

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SUBJECT: Updates to Article 12 of the TCMJ
TO: The Tauren Marine Corps

The following changes (highlighted for conveniences) have been made to Article 12 of the TCMJ. These changes are effective immediately.


2. Marine. 

  1. Marines are full-fledged members of the Tauren Marine Corps. They are the standard bearers. They are bulk of the Corps and as such are its lifeblood.They are face-rolling killing machines of bovine fury. They stand apart from other Shu’halo, for they have earned the title of MARINE and NOTHING can ever take that away from them. Once a Marine, always a Marine. MOO-RAH!!
  2. To achieve Marine status one must:
    1. Achieve level 100
    2. Complete Basic Training
    3. Achieve “Exalted” reputation with the guild
    4. Be a Recruit for no less than seven days
    5. Fill out an Application ((on the website – this will go on the Roster Page when you are promoted to Marine))
    6. Install the addon MyRolePlay ((Optional but highly recommended))
    7. Compile a Duty and PT uniform in accordance with Article 16
  3. Responsibilities: Marines are full members of the Corps. As such, they are authorized to withdraw from the guild bank, receive a repair stipend, and are entitled to the full protection of the Corps while adventuring. Marines also have calendar and guild invite permissions (see Article 21 for more details on recruiting). Marines are expected to represent the Corps with honor, respond to attacks on Thunder Bluff (provided they are not already engaged in another form of game content), and attend certain RP events. They are not required to raid, or engage in any instanced PvP.

 3. Marine First Class (MFC)  

  1. MFCs are Marines of the highest order. Their vast experience and tactical competence have turned them into the perfect killing machines. Zealously committed to the interests of Thunder Bluff, and fully understanding their role and place in the Corps, they are counted by their superiors to complete the most vital tasks of the Corps.
  2. To achieve the rank of Marine First Class you must:
    1. Complete the following PvP achievements: For the Horde, City Defender, Know Thy Enemy, and That Takes Class
    2. Complete the following PvE achievements: Draenor Dungeon Hero, and Proving Grounds: Gold for your primary spec
    3. Obtain a PvE Set with an average of 630 ilvl
    4. Obtain a full, current Honor PvP Set (Warlords Season 1) including all slots; or else acquire enough honor to have purchased every piece
    5. Obtain the “of Thunder Bluff” title
    6. Be an active Marine for no less than 60 days
    7. Pass the Promotion Board
  3. Responsibilities. MFCs are veterans. As such they are authorized more bank withdrawals and a higher repair stipend. MFCs are the Corp’s first choice for PvE and PvP situations, and will be selected ahead of other Marines if slots are scarce. MFCs outrank Marines and are therefore authorized to give appropriate orders to Marines and to take charge in the absence of leadership. MFCs have been full-fledged members for some time and are therefore expected to maintain a higher level of discipline and responsibility and rarely – if ever – fail to do so. They are fully expected to “do the hard things” in PvE and PvP situations, and are fully expected to pull their weight in terms of guild activity, contribute to the guild bank, and attend RP events.

Täl Skywalker
Tauren Marines


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SUBJECT: Interrogation of Highmaul Ogre
INTERROGATOR: Vorgun Gallyrn

[The Forsaken Contractor Vorgun Gallyrn enters the small, sturdy Orcish hut and puts on his most dashing smile. An Ogre affixed to the wall with strong chains rages.]


Head #2: RIP IT! TEARIT! CRUSH IT! SMASH IT! [It heaves with all its might, but the shackles hold.]

Vorgun: Shhh, numbnuts. I make the threats here. [Slyly, slowly, and with some gravitas, Vorgun draws a long, slim blade beneath his cloak. At the sight of the blade, the Ogre heaves against its restraints even harder, horns scraping the ceiling.]


Head #2: Break these chains, BREAK YOUR FACE!!

[Vorgun hops into the air and slaps the first head, which knocks it into the second head with a satisfying thud.]

Vorgun: I despise your kind. Listen this time: you don’t speak until spoken to. [Vorgun disappears in a poof of smoke and reappears on the shoulders of the enormous creature, legs locked around the neck of the dumber head. He presses his blade to its singular eye, and the Ogre stops thrashing.]

Vorgun: That’s much better. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses their eye.

[The Ogre doesn't respond.]

Vorgun: So let’s get right to it, big guy… er… guys. Tell me about your puny little “Imperator” in Highmaul.

Head #1: Imperator Mar’gok smarter than tiny dead thing!

Head #2 is silent.

Head #1: He use powerful magics – Even Ko’ragn won’t challenge him. You never beat him!

Vorgun: Ko’ragh? Sounds like a gentle little talbuk to me…

Head #1: Ko’ragh POWERFUL! Your magics no hurt him one bit!

[Head #2 is silent.]

Vorgun: Hmph. I rather thought there’d be more to your defenses, but perhaps I expected too much of the “prime age” of the Ogres…

Head #1: Ogre defenses too stronk for you!! Twin Ogron Pol and Phemos will CRUSH YOU before you even get to Ko’ragh! And dat not counting rock monster and creepy spore walker!

[Head #2 gulps.]

Head #1: Ha! And all dat no matter – the Butcher will chop you up good! Along with –

[Head #1 falls silent. Vorgun suddenly shoves the blade into the second head's face, barely touching the white of one eye. Its jaw quivers.]

Vorgun: Along with what, sir?

Head #1: NO. Me done talking!! Sword-hand Orc no like it when—

Vorgun: “Sword-hand Orc?” I see… Of course it wouldn’t be an Ogre giving the orders… no, the brains of the operation would of course have to be outsourced…

Head #1: Stupid sword-hand Orc no rule Ogre! Ogre rule ogre!!

[Vorgun gently pats Head #1.]

Vorgun: There there, no need to get defensive.

[Commander Täl Skywalker of the Tauren Marines enters the hut.]

Täl: Allright Skinny, we’ve got what we wanted. Cut that thing loose and write up the report.

Vorgun: You got it, Boss.

Vorgun Gallyrn
Interrogator, Tauren Marines


Vorgun smiled as he put the finishing touches on the report. He turned back to the Ogre and smiled that dashing smile – quite the feat for a Forsaken. “Well gentlemen, we’re all finished here. I surely do appreciate your help, but before we part ways I have one more question for you: Why are two heads better than one?” The Ogre blinks, gears turning at a rickety top speed in both heads. “There are twice the number of throats to cut.”

After Action Review: QRF in Nagrand

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Nagrand QRF

MISSION: The Tauren Marines conduct QRF of Nagrand NLT 25NOV14 in order to provide friendly Horde elements freedom of movement; the secondary objective being to gather Garrison resources via hunting for rare creatures and enemies.

ACTIONS ON: The Tauren Marines began the patrol at War’vor, where a stray Alliance warrior decided to gank the XO. The Corps reacted immidiately and with extreme prejudice. Following formation, the Corp moved in a clockwise fashion around Nagrand, hunting for rare creatures and enemies. The call went out to all Horde that we were patrolling the AO and offering to interdict all Alliance gankers, but there were no reports of hostile Alliance the entire evening.

In all, the Corps accomplished the following in the one-hour long patrol:

1x Cheeky Alliance Warrior slain
9+ Rares slain, with all their attendant treasures
200+ Garrison Resources Collected
1x Bonus Objective Area cleared
2x Steamwheedle Cartel Artifacts collected
1x Achievement “Making the Cut,” which awarded Brawler’s Guide invitations
1x Recruit (Welcome, Harakhan!)

SUSTAINS/IMPROVES: While extremely productive, the patrol did not encounter any significant Alliance hostility. The next patrol will be through a more Alliance-contested area to ensure that all Horde elements retain freedom of movement.

Täl Skywalker
Tauren Marines, Commanding

A Tribute to Heroes


Some Shu’halo heroes go unsung, but not if the Tauren Marines can help it.

It was no surprise to find that the front lines of the Horde Vanguard was made up of Shu’halo warriors. Our people have always been the shock troops of the Horde. Even serving in the Outer Rim Campaign alongside Terran and Protoss forces, we were at the forefront.

Many on Azeroth will remember the glorious rush through the Dark Portal. Many will talk of the bravery and sacrifice of that day. But who will remember the brave Shu’halo who led the charge? Who will honor their memory? Who will recognize that without their bodies, willfully given as shields for those behind, the assault on the Dark Portal would have suffered countless more casaulties?

And who will remember those that fought the Iron Horde to the bitter end so that a chosen few could escape into the savage lands of Draenor? Who will thank them and their children for their selfless sacrifice? Who will thank them that Garrisons could be established and a foothold secured on this alien world?

WE will remember those that died, so that others may live:

Plainsmender Darragh
Pazo Stonehoof
Durphorn the Bullheaded

Friends, Brothers, Heroes. We honor you. May the Earthmother guide your spirits home to Mulgore.




SUBJECT: Operation Vanguard Reconnaissance

MISSION: The Tauren Marines conduct an area reconnaissance of the Blasted Lands NLT 01NOV14 in order to answer priority intelligence requirements for the High Chieftain.

ACTIONS ON: The Tauren Marines first conducted an area reconnaissance of Okri’lon Hold and reports the following:

-There is no trace of friendly Horde forces at Okri’lon
-There is a company-sized element of Brownback Orcs occupying the hold
-The Warlord of the Hold has Warsong-esque tattoos
-There are foragers and smithies at the Hold, suggesting ongoing sustainment operations

From the area reconnaissance of the Dark Portal, the Tauren Marines report the following:

-A battalion-sized (or more) element of Brownbacks control the Dark Portal
-The Dark Portal itself has turned red
-Brownback reinforcements are coming from the Portal
-There are at least four artillery pieces, complete with Ogres to move them
-They are all heavily armed with well-crafted armor and weaponry
-There were two Orcs leading the (presumed) invasion force: Warlord Zaela and one unnamed, male Orc

CURRENT STATUS: The Tauren Marines are currently refitting and are poised for follow-on missions.

Täl Skywalker
Tauren Marines, Commanding

Official Policy Memorandum #003-15

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SUBJECT: Reassignment to the Iron Vanguard
TO: All Tauren Marines and Potential Recruits

By order of High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof, the Tauren Marines are assigned to the Iron Vanguard, a Horde-wide task force assigned to reconnoiter the Dark Portal and discover the source of its disturbance, repel the Iron Horde invaders, and restore Horde control to Okril’on. This reassignment is effective immediately.

In order to fulfill this mission, the Tauren Marines are looking for a few good Cows to bolster the ranks for future operations in the Blasted Lands…and beyond. If you think you’ve got what it takes to earn the title of TAUREN MARINE, stampede to the nearest recruit and enlist today.

Stand by us for the Tribes; for Mulgore; and FOR THE HORDE.

Täl Skywalker
Tauren Marines, Commanding